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How to make a wireless network at home or office ?


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You can use wireless internet to share their files, copiers and anything related to computers. Is great convenience when already created wireless network is used to surf the internet when sitting comfortably in his seat, lie in bed, or even have in the yard of his house.

The creation of such a network is easier than you think.

There are four basic steps to create a wireless network:

1. Choose your wireless equipment
2. Connect your wireless router
3. Configure the wireless router
4. Connect your computers

For those who use Windows XP , Windows XP Service Pack 2 is not a sine qua non to make a wireless network, but will certainly make things easier and a lot. Service Pack 2 also helps to prevent hacker attacks, worms and other natrapnitsi side of the web. In conclusion, I say, it is desirable Service Pack 2 be installed on your computer.

Step 1. Choose your wireless equipment

The first step is to make sure you have the necessary equipment.
Looking at the shops in search of the right things you will notice that you can find devices which support three different network technologies. These are 802.11 , 802.11b and 802.11g . Advisable to stop a 802.11g , because it offers a perfect performance and is compatible with almost everything.

- You will be required

- Internet connection

- Wireless router

- A computer that has a built-in support for the wireless adapter

Wireless router

This is a device that converts your Internet connection, which comes on cable and it turns into wireless. As an example, may indicate wireless phone. The cable reached the mother and the phone is used large radius.
When buying a router make sure that you buy a wireless router, not wireless Access Point!

Wireless Network Adapter

The function of these devices is to connect your computer to your wireless router. If your new machine are likely to have built-in opportunity for maintaining a wireless connection. Check to confirm whether you have this extra convenience. If so is already installed on your computer, you will need this network adapter. If you do not have a computer is recommended to buy a USB wireless network adapter. If you buy your laptop PC card-based network adapter. You will need one adapter for each single computer in your network.

Note : In order to more easily and when you adjust network select network adapter, which will be of the same company as is your wireless router. This will help. An example can be indicate the following: If you find a router Linksys , which is at a good price and look for network adapter from the same mark ( Linksys ). To be even easier in the selection of a mark may be ready to stop packets from a brand such as D-Link , Netgear , Linksys , Microsoft , Buffalo or others. Before buying a wireless adapter, make sure you have Free USB port where you attach. If you do not have one you will need to buy an additional hub in order to add USB ports.

Step 2. Connect your wireless router

As will be temporarily disconnected from the Internet Print or save the following instructions before proceeding further.

Find your modem and disconnect it to shut down.

Then attach your wireless router to the modem. However Your modem should be directly tied to the Internet. Later, when you will attach it, your computer will connect wirelessly to your router and the router will do in the modem connection, which in turn will make the connection to the Internet.
Here's how it seems illustrates the sequence of connectivity:

computers in varna

Now connect your router to the modem.

Note : The descriptions given below refer to link through Linksys wireless router. Ports on your router may be indicated by differently and it may look slightly different way, but is one idea. Check the booklet in the box on the device you purchased for additional instructions.

- If at the time your computer is connected directly to the modem: disconnect network cable from your computer and attach it to the gate, which reads Internet , WAN , or WLAN on the back of your router.

- If at the time your computer is not hooked to the Internet: Contact One end of the network cable to your modem and connect the other end cable to the port on the back of the wireless router, which says Internet , WAN , or WLAN .

- If your computer is currently connected to the router: disconnect the cable that is connected to Internet , WAN , or WLAN port on your router and attach that end to Internet , WAN , or WLAN port of your wireless router. Then disconnect all other network cables and attach them to the free ports on your wireless router. Already you will not need the old router because it will be replaced by wireless.

Then attach and turn on your cable or DSL modem. Give him few minutes time to allow it to be docked to the Internet and beyond attach it and turn your wireless router. After several light minutes of reading Internet , WAN , or WLAN to the world, which will indicate the successful connection of your modem.
laptops in varna

Step 3. Configure your wireless router

Using the cable that goes with your wireless router, you must You can temporarily connect your computer with one of open / free ports on your wireless router. This will be each port, which NOT writes Internet , WAN , or WLAN . If necessary, turn on your computer. Router to connect automatically.
Then open Internet Eksplorer and enter the address to configure your router.
You may be looking for a password. Address and password may be different in Depending on what router you have, look for instructions that go with your particular model.
As a brief explanation, the table shows the user names and passwords of some of the marks routers:

computer leasing

Eksplorer web page will show you selected router. Most of the settings should be fine by default and will need to touch further, but will need to donastroite three things:

1 . The name of your wireless network that is currently SSID . This name is currently identifies you. There is desirable to select something and "naming" the network with a name that none of your neighbors will be used to no problems.

2 . Wireless kriptiranost ( WEP - Wireless encryption ) or so-called Wi-Fi Protected Access ( WPA ), which helps protect your wireless network, which is of great importance. For most routers will have to give a protective phrase, which turn will generate a key. Make sure that the phrase is sufficiently long and difficult. (Do not worry, because there is need to memorize the combination, which will serve to protect)

3 . Your administrator password, and using that control the wireless network.
Just like any other password, and this should be a word that will not is easy to guess. It is desirable to select a combination of letters and figures. Be sure to remember this password because it is required if you later change the settings of your router.

These steps are taken for further configuration may be different depending on the brand of router to which you gain. After each change, it must be confirmed by pressing Save Settings , Apply or OK , to be saved.

Now it's time to disconnect the network cable from your computer.

Step 4. Connecting your computer

If your computer has no built-in wireless networking support, attach your adapter for any USB-free and the antenna and put a your computer (if you have a desktop computer) or switch free network adapter PC card slot (in case you and connect laptop). Using Windows XP , it will automatically zaseche your new adapter, and you may wish to CD-insert, which goes with him to complete the installation. If this necessary, instructions that will appear on the monitors will lead step in the process of configuration.

Note : The steps that are shown below are valid only for users using Windows XP Service Pack 2 . If your computer still has not Service Pack 2 , attach directly to your wireless router and download and install Service Pack 2 by

Windows XP should show the icon in the lower right corner of the monitor to indicate that it found a new wireless network:
laptop leasing

Follow these steps to connect your computer to your wireless network:

1 . Click right button on the icon for the wireless network that is located in the lower right corner of your monitor. Select from the options View Available Wireless Networks . If any problems emerge, consult the instruction booklet to your network adapter.

2 . Windows XP will open a window ( Wireless Network Connecton ) and you will be able to see your network name before you have selected. If it has not yet appeared, click on Refresh network list (update list of networks), which is located in the upper left corner of the open window.

laptops leasing

3 . Windows XP will ask you to enter "key. This will be encrypted "key" that you previously entered in both places. Of site Network key and Confirm network key . Then click Connect .

4 . Next you will see will be the window to shows the process of connecting to your network. Once the process of connection is complete and you are connected can now close window ( Network Connection ).

That is all. Your home wireless network is already running.

Note : If the window Wireless Network Connection still see the caption Acquiring Network Address , are likely to have incorrectly entered your "key". Go back and fill all the fields correctly.

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