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My computer became very slow. What can I do ?


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Customers rarely complain about the work of the new computer. In this there is nothing surprising, the system and programs run faster. But with time is observed that the system starts working more slowly and with a smash. The reasons for this are very scary, but we will spend ten most massive. Check them before you decide to do an upgrade.

Viruses and spyware

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addition to viruses and spyware pose a serious threat to the safety of the system, they may substantially reduce the productivity of computer. The first stage of the fight with these programs is to scan the system using the latest versions of antivirus software and antishpionski. These applications can detect and remove found malicious software on your computer. If the scanner software does not help in the destruction of spyware, try the following:

  • Find suspicious processes and stop them from Task Manager in Windows
  • Find suspicious processes and stop them by Console Computer Management
  • Find launched automatically suspect processes and stop the program using System Configuration, Msconfig.exe
  • Find and delete records from the register relating to suspicious processes
  • Find and remove suspicious files
  • Install and use several programs to detect and remove spyware

Note: If the above mentioned methods do not help, start Windows in Safe Mode (Safe Mode) and try again. How to delete the virus depends on the type of the virus itself.

overheating CPU

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Modern processors pay much heat, so iron is usually used element mostly fan. Machines used for games and other activities that create a strong CPU usage, often also water-cooled systems. When the limit temperature of the processor, the system starts to work slowly and with frequent smash. In modern motherboard has built-in technology for monitoring the temperature of CPU, the evidence of which you can see in the BIOS.

stopped CPU fan can be caused by several reasons:

  • large amount of dust prevent normal rotation of the fan
  • engine failure in the fan
  • wear of bearings of the fan, which he begins to rotating unbalanced

whether there is damage to the fan can not understand is zaslushate category and / or body FEEL computer. Cooler with broken bearings begin to tremble and quiver of a hull. In this characteristic sound is heard. This noise, however, often do not pay attention even experienced users. Over time, the oscillation and noise become more obvious and only solution to know that the consumer is replacing the fan.

At the same time, the replacement of cooling is not always necessary. If the problem is dust, it is sufficient to clean the bottle with air pressure. However, when excessive load, the life of the fan is reduced significantly, so it is desirable to buy one in stock. There are many programs to monitor the temperature of your CPU - use them to inform you in time if something is awry.

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problem in the operational memory

  • problems in the operational memory may be caused by:
  • processes in the operational memory is synchronized more slowly than it should
  • RAM module has minor defects that can be detected only through a complete test

overheating of RAM module

At the time of FRM RAM, buying random access memory was pretty easy. Was enough to know what speed the motherboard supports and the maximum amount of memory for each slot. Nowadays there are many types of random access memory operating at different speeds. Modern motherboard supports working memory speed less than maximum performance. For example, some boards support ECC RAM, but can work with other types of memory, and to maintain both DIMM Memory - PC2700 and PC3200. Note that in this case you will probably need to change the relevant parameters in the BIOS. In addition, it is a reduction in productivity.

Before there is no problem with overheating of RAM, because it does not separate a large amount of heat. Everything changed with the emergence of new types of memory, especially SDRAM. To check whether the module is not overheat, turn off your computer, open the cabinet and FEEL memory. If it is too hot, you must get a separate cooler for it. In the absence of such a slot fan to the motherboard, you can take advantage of card-cooler that is placed in a PCI slot. You can buy and toplootvodi - special kits for cooling of memory modules RAM heatsink, improving the spreading of heat and reduce the risk of overheating.

Note: Some motherboard allow mixing of speeds, but by default they work at slower than the installed memory modules.

Problems in hard drive

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There are few signs of imminent doom on the hard disk, depending on the type of problem (mechanical, electronic, logical or hardware-sofrueren):

Low speed access to disk

increasing number of damaged sectors when starting programs scanning and verification of the disk (scandisk / chkdsk).

  • inexplicable appearance of a blue screen
  • Periodic crashes at startup of the system

discovery problems in the hard disk is complicated because their early signs are not always visible. Experienced professionals know them by the sound of the rotation of the disc (other prishtrakvaniya, unusual noises, high-frequency sounds). Further deterioration of the disc may result in refusal of the system. Recording process becomes very slow as the system it takes time to find a non-blocks (this happens if the disk more reliable system NTFS. In disks with other file systems will probably appear a blue screen). It is possible that the appearance of error messages (Windows delayed write failure) PC with Windows.

If the system works more slowly than usual, run the program to scan and verify the disk (scandisk or chkdsk), in Depending on the installed computer platform. Opening of the damaged sector of the place where there was a healthy, reported damage to a disk. Make a backup copy of the contents of the disk and preparing for his recent decease. Meanwhile, buy your new drive and replace the old one until it's too late.

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published by the disc noise and reports to check / scan are the best indicators of problems in hard disk, which usually leads to system failure. In remote management system or a failure to implement full check of the disc, you can use programs to monitor the condition of the disc, for example HDDLife.

Parameters BIOS

One commonly ignored causes of the slow operation of the system is incorrect setting of the parameters of the BIOS. Most users leave untouched by the developers set the default settings. But if the parameters of the BIOS does not match the optimal configuration for a machine, the system begins to work much more slowly. Computer productivity can be increased as set optimal values to BIOS, which may differ from the factory.

There is a database for optimal parameters of the BIOS, but they can be viewed as be sought on the Internet in the name of the motherboard. For this purpose, using appropriate software and instructions provided by the manufacturer.

controller compatibility with the type of hard disk

to assume that the recently purchased UDMA-100 disk drive does not work faster than other drives installed. Tests on all disks showed the same results. Where is the problem?

Not off the motherboard can not support the additional functions of UDMA-100. Look in the documentation of what type of IDE interface it can work. If the bottom only supports UDMA 33 or 66, this means that to ensure compatibility productivity UDMA 100 drive will be reduced. This problem can be solved with the purchase of expansion boards for the disc.

Another reason may be the type of cable used. Disks UDMA 66 and later need another type of cable and able to run with obsolete type. Old Time cables fall out, especially if you are too folded, and body temperature is consistently high. From time to time is useful to change the cable and check whether it has deteriorated performance.

keep in mind the fact that every 12-18 months to change it to develop technology to hard drives, which contribute to the sharp increase in volume and speed of work. Therefore, replacement of old discs, even if they are facing increasing productivity on the computer. New hard drives Serial ATA (SATA) work much faster than old Parallel ATA.

Features of Windows

Most features are included in Windows default. Many of them are not binding on the normal operation of the system is not so bad to turn off unnecessary.

To determine what processes are involved, open Services in Computer Management. For this purpose, right-mouse button click on My Computer and select Manage. Information in Services has the following parameters: Name, Status and Startup Type. More detailed information about one or another service you can get by clicking twice on the appropriate item from the list.

a process you can stop by pressing the button Stop. If you are sure that the service you need, open the Properties of the Startup Type and select Off (Disabled). If you are unsure - select Manual (Manual). In this case you can restart the service when you need.

list of service workers is shown in the program msconfig. Select Start -> Run and type msconfig. In the column you will see Manifacturer are a manufacturer or other system service. Moreover, far from all of the Services shown in the System Configuration needed. To exclude one or the other, just uncheck the box against it.

"uncontrolled" processes

To implement the "uncontrolled" processes (runaway processes ) are all needed CPU cycles. Common reasons given were false letters of the drives and install new software on older operating system. The determination of these processes going on in the Task Manager. Processes, which shipped nearly 100% CPU are uncontrolled.

There is an exception. A well-working system idle process system (System Idle) will use the majority of CPU cycles. All other processes, withdraw 98% of the CPU are uncontrolled.

Upon detection of such a process, click on it with the right mouse button and selecting the End Process. Uncontrolled system services can be stopped using the Console Services. If the console does not help, try to restart your computer. Management processes in Windows you can use the following software:

  • ProcessScanner - scanner processes in the system
  • Process Explorer for Windows 11.04
  • PC Wizard 2008 - full details on the system
  • fragmentation of the disk

In connection with the continuous adding, deleting and replacing the files, their content can be distributed to various sectors of the hard disk. This process is called fragmentation. Most operating systems have built-in Windows programs defragmentatsiya.

hard disk fragmentation can significantly affect the speed of operation of the system, as head of the disc consistently seek dissemination of fragments of a file. Common reason for this is the overfilling of the disc, so to minimize fragmentation and improve the work of the program defragmentatsiya, it is desirable to leave a 20-25% free space. If the disk is full, delete some of the files and run again defragmentatora. To set the schedule for defragmentatsiya in Windows XP attend the program defrag.exe.

Wallpapers Applications

Each icon located in the System tray is a process working active or in background. Most of them work exactly in the background, so users can not see simultaneous operation of 20 applications, for example.

This happens because some of them run automatically in the background since the release of the system. Look for them in the Startup folder menu Start. Components of many applications to have it work in the background. Some, such as fast search program for Microsoft Office Findfast can significantly slow down the speed of operation of the processor, hard drive and system. Check all entries in the Startup and remove unnecessary.

Not all programs launched with the system folder is displayed in Startup. They should look in the registry, here's how:

HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ RunOnce

In Windows XP end run msconfig program and go to Startup. To disable the automatic startup of a program, uncheck the box next to it.

Source: PC World

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