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How to protect my computer from viruses ?

  How to protect my computer from viruses     Avast anti-virus     The computer virus


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Viruses are becoming an increasing problem. Problem that affects both home users and companies. The main reason for the spread of these harmful programs is ignorance of how consumers can protect themselves and how to act in their infected computer
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Internet makes increasingly more users to benefit from the services of a global network - send and receive emails, download and exchange files, communicate in real time, etc. Each of these opportunities, however, poses a danger. Therefore, the user should always be approached with increased attention when using Internet services.
Most common infections are computer:
Viruses - attached to a program, for example, to word Editor. Every time you start the program, the virus is activated and can be reproduced (with affix to another program) or a slew of reasons your computer.
E-mail viruses - spread by email and usually forward their copies to all addresses found in address book of the "victim".
Worms (Worms) - software that uses computer networks and "holes" the security to be distributed. A copy of the worm scans the network for other machines with gaps in security moves in the new machine using the hole, and the process starts again.
Trojan horse (Trojan horse) - is computer program, you fools, that is something safe, such as a game. But when you start, "Game" may cause various problems, including open access to your computer to enable the creator of the Troyan horse to enter in it.
How to tell if you are infected with computer virus?
First version is from time to time to perform a full scan of the computer system as planned or spontaneous. A good approach is to do a full scan once a week.
Second option for verification does not depend on you - if you notice other problems at work with computer is likely to have infected is very high. For example, if you begin to show error messages, missing files or "flag" the system. However, it should know that such behavior of the system does not necessarily mean that your computer is infected. Therefore, in the emergence of disturbing symptoms, perform a full system scan.
Before you start the full scan, you must update viral definitions used by your antivirus software. Must also disable the System Restore. Here's how it works in Windows XP: Click " Start " (Start), right-click on " my computer " (My Computer) and select " properties " (Properties). From there, select the System Restore (System Restore) and put a check in " turn off system restore " . After select volume " apply " (Apply) and of the window that appears click on " " ( Yes).
Good idea to check and which programs start with the operating system. Some viruses indicate executables path to your files and be able to start before the antivirus program to prevent its operation. Remedy this problem can be made as follows: Button Start , then in the Run window appears writing " msconfig " and select Startup, where you can select which program to start with the operating system. It is important not to change anything unless you know 100% what you do because you can work normal failures of the system.
To start the "cure" must sign the so-called Safe mode, which becomes following: Restart your computer and before loading the operating system Windows, press F8 on your keyboard. Once logged in safe mode of Windows, you can run your antivirus program and make a full system scan. When the scan is completed and the infected files are deleted, look at statistics and see if the number of infected files found is the same as deleted. If not, see what viruses are not deleted and search tools for their abolition. Each manufacturer offers this kind of mini-applications designed to clear the specified virus.
Once everything is safely past, and viruses have been cleared, return the system initially in state again enable the System Restore ( of System Restore) .
It is very important that your behavior in the network, to avoid contamination of the computer and in some cases loss of information. So here are some tips that if followed, the possibility your computer is infected void.
Do not run programs from unknown sources, such as download from the Internet. If you still can not get otherwise required by the program before you start must scan the executable files.
Do not visit pornographic sites or hacker.
Upon receipt of the email before you open it, see who it is and if the sender is unknown, better not risk opening it.
Upon receipt of email with attachment always scan files before you open it, even if the sender is known to.
These simple measures can protect you from serious bedi. Another issue is the choice of antivirus program, which these days is mandatory. In companies with more sophisticated computer infrastructure measures are different from those described in the article. Security systems in case there is good care professionals and even whole departments that protect corporate networks by using advanced technical means, usually a combination of software and hardware. But that is another topic of analysis.

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