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Avast anti-virus - settings and functions

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avast! 4 Home Edition has completed antivirus package designed specifically for home users and noncommercial use. Both conditions must be fulfilled! Alwil software offers a home edition for free, because it views the company as possible to avoid global virus spreading by efficient predutvratyavane, however, many users do not vazmozhnost or not willing to pay for antivirus software. This page will present the most important advantages of this program.

Institutions (even non-) are not allowed to use avast! Home Edition. However, ALWIL Software provides the full line of avast! antivirus products with a special discount for charities, educational institutions and provitelstveni.

Antivirus kernel
latest version antivirus kernel of avast! detectable has brilliant skills, combined with high productivity. You can expect 100% detection of In-the-Wild viruses (viruses spreading between users) and excellent detection of Trojan horses (Trojan horse).

kernel is certified by ICSA; and regularly takes part in the tests of Virus Bulletin magazine, often receives VB100 award.

Kernel of avast! also has a striking extract options. It can check the following archives: ARJ, ZIP, MIME (+ all associated formats), MAPI (Outlook pst files), DBX (Outlook Express archives), RAR, TAR, GZIP, CAB, BZIP2, ZOO, ACE, ARC, LHA / LHX, TNEF (winmail.dat), CPIO, CHM, RPM, ISO, 7ZIP and SIS. Also supports many packet start (executable packers) (such as PKLite, Diet, UPX, ASPack, PeShield, FSG, MEW etc.)..

And last but not the most important is the ability to check for viruses that are hidden in Alternate data streams on NTFS partitions.

Normal user Interface
Normal user interface is used to start the verification (on-demand), operating results and change certain options. From here you can change basic settings, and resident protection.

simple User Interface is the main application of avast! 4 Home Edition. It can run additional modules avast!, Such as cell virus, update or log.

appearance of the normal user interface is very easy to change. It supports skins (skins), which allow you to change the appearance of the interface of the application. Package contains three basic skin (leather), additional skins are available on the website of Alwil Software.

Resident Protection
Resident protection (protection of the computer in real time) is one of the most important parts of the antivirus programs today. avast! offers a powerful resident module that has the ability to detect the virus before it has a chance to infect your computer.

avast! Home Edition offers resident protection to computer file system and resident module for e-mail and news messages.

File system protection ensures that no viruses will be running on your computer. It offers great options setup as an opportunity to determine whether the files should be checked when copying or whether the examination should include only files with certain extensions.

E-mail/News protection consists of two independent modules, the first is a generic scanner working on SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 / NNTP protocol level. It is capable of protecting any existing e-mail clients that use these protocols. The second is a special plugin for MS Outlook; mail verification is fully automatic and requires no special settings.

New preference version 4 is heuristic analysis of e-mail scanner. This innovation can protect you from new, unknown viruses and worms that can not be found in the usual way. Heuristic module makes a complete survey of all e-mail message and looking for suspicious characters, which may be a sign of the presence of the virus. When the number of those signs exceeds the user-defined levels, the message is defined as dangerous and the user receives a warning message.

P2P and IM shields
Avast offers a module for the protection of IM (Direct Messaging, "chat") programs and modules protection of P2P (peer-to-peer) programs. The list of supported IM and P2P programs is extensive, with more than 30 programs currently supported.

Mere hours while not in itself constitute a serious threat to security and virus infection, it is not today's IM applications can be called only chat programs: most of them support more or less used methods for file sharing - which can very easily lead to viral infections unless they are observed.

P2P protection module does not need detailed explanations - today P2P networks (such as Kazaa) contain thousands of infected files and effective protection is mandatory.

Network Shield
New resident module was added to avast! 4.5: Network Shield. This module provides you with protection against known Internet worms / attacks. It analyzes all your network traffic and check for harmful content. Network Shield can be considered a fiery light wall (firewall) (or more precisely for IDS (Intrusion Detection System)).
Network Shield is only available in NT-based systems (Windows NT/2000/XP/2003).

Internet Shield
Internet protection is a characteristic unikalnen of avast!, which monitor and filter all HTTP traffic coming from Web saytovete online. Growing number of viruses (and other malware threats such as adware, spyware and dialers), which are distributed through the World Network (World Wide Web) makes the need for more effective anti-imperative. Internet protection is kept as clear (transparent) HTTP proxy and is compatible with all the popular browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox, Mozilla and Opera.

Unlike competing solutions, Internet shield of avast! browsing speed is almost unchanged. This is due to the unique technology called "Smart Scan flows" ( "Inteligent Stream Scan"), which allows Web sites to verify the protection on receipt (on-the-fly), without need of caching them locally. Verification flow is performed in operating memory only (no need to save the contents of the disc), and maximum productivity.

Auto Update
The automatic update is another key point for antivirus protection. When avast! virus database and the antivirus program can be updated avtomatichno.Ponezhe obnavyavaniyata are increasing, only be removed or new lipstvashta information: thereby reducing the amount of time for renewal and its removal. Normal rate of regeneration of the viral database has tens of KB; Program updates are poryadaka a few hundred KB.

If your Internet connection is constant obnovleniyata are made completely automatically at certain intervals of time. If you connect to the Internet only occasionally, avast! monitor your internet connection and tries to make obnonlenieto when you're online.

most secure way to zashtitite your computer is to have a current virus database and antivirus program.

Virus Cell
virus to cells may be mentally as isolated folder on your hard disk that has special properties which make it secured, isolated place suitable for the preservation of certain files. You can work with files in the box but with some restrictions.

main property of the cell is virus isolation from the whole rest of the operating system. Any external processes, such as viruses, have no access to files in the cell, also the files in the cells can not be started (executed), there is no risk to write viruses in the cell.

System Integration
avast! antivirus integrate perfectly with your system. Scanning can be started directly from kontektsnoto menu of Windows, by clicking on the folder or file with the right mouse button and selecting the appropriate option from the menu.

A special screen-saver, who check their work on viruses. avast! antivirus works together with your favorite screen-saver, so there is no need to change your personal screen-saver, to use that of avast!. New extra

this edition is Predstartovata check (boot-time scan) (only for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003). This important addition allows the user to carry out before the virus is activated when the virus is now active on your computer.

Integrated avast! Virus Cleaner
Since version 4.1, avast! includes Virus Cleaner, a tool designed to completely eliminate the most common infections from already infected computers. Now avast! is able to clean (treated), not only to detect the most common malware threats.

number of viruses / worms removed by the Virus Cleaner-a constantly growing. To view the latest information visit the website of the Virus Cleaner-A (emergency, we offer Virus Cleaner-and as a separate product, able to work without the need to be installed avast).

Support 64-bit Windows
Now avast! Home / Professional fully supports 64-bit Windows platforms. ALWIL Software provides growth in the use of this platform as Windows XP 64-Bit Edition will support up to 32 GB RAM and 16 TB paging (virtual memory), allowing applications to run faster when working with large amounts of information. Applications will significantly rechargeable more information on virtual memory (virtual memory), allowing rapid access via 64-bit extension processors. This reduces the time for loading data into virtual memory or seeking, reading and recording to / from device memory, enabling applications to run faster and more efficiently.

Ordinary (32-bit) antivirus programs are unable to properly robotyat 64-bit Windows platforms because they use 32-bit kernel-mode driver. The latest version of avast! uses 64-bit drivers, providing the same level of protection as in 32-bit Windows environment. Installation package is identical for both 32-bit and 64-bit version - installer automatically detects the operating system being used and install all necessary files.

Key Benefits:

Core Antivirus
Almost 100% detection
High performance
Eligible System Requirements
certified by ICSA
User Interface
Check memory at the start of the application
Very intuitive Simple User Interface
Examination of whole disks or just selected Working with folders
results of the check - actions with infected files
Viral encyclopedia
different views - support skins
Starting from contextual menu of Windows
Antivirus screen-saver
system by increasing updates ensure minimal traffic
updates can be fully automated
limited direct repair (especially in macro viruses)
Correction files by automatically-generated database for recovery of viruses (Virus Recovery Database ( VRDB))
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows Me
Windows NT 4 (server free version)
Windows 2000 (without the server version)
Windows XP (without the server version)
Windows Vista (all versions)

avast! Home Edition e free for home and noncommercial use. For more information, see here. If you are a home user or use your computer for commercial purposes, avast! Home Edition is not licensed for such purposes and to use the product will need to purchase a commercial version - avast! Professional Edition.

Download avast! 4 Home Edition: HERE

After you install the program will need a registration number which is available from: HERE
program also supports skins which can be downloaded from: Skins

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