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What is needed to have my own web site ?

  How to choose a site      Selection of domain      Useful links for search engines and advertising      Ban from search engines


Each site is individual product and the person who will represent him. We are committed to creating professional web sites that reflect This personality. Process of making site is called Web Design.
According to different requirements for the type of site we created several base package and we offer very moderate prices. Bring only what you want or wish for your site.
Therefore, the cost of each site is "under construction" according to your choice and consent.
Designed graphic design maintains its low price it used for main and best source of advertising. Showing understanding We help our customers to rapidly design and manufacture of professional pages. This contributes to the future maintenance of the website. To start building a your site, you ensure that our information, the principal background or preferred primary so that we can make a diagram of your personality in which to work.

Here are some suggestions for the contents of a Web site:

  • Business Information
  • Company history
  • News and events company
  • products we offer
  • services we offer
  • Presentation
  • staff composition College
  • Offering discounts
  • Commercial
  • list, inventory, registry, catalog
  • Officials, clerks serving
  • Related links
  • Special Offers
  • View events, research, reports
  • forms of consultation, data, facts
  • Management and Training
  • Price lists
  • guarantee, warranty
  • Announcements of new products
  • industry news
  • Entertainment
  • Procedural
  • forms and information

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