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Ban from Google?   What to do if my site disappears from the search engines ?

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Is it happened to you that your site disappear from Google's index? Or to sudden crash in the ranking of the top 10 or top 200.
How do I know if this is the result of wrong actions committed SEO specialist (aggressive SEO campaign, poor buying links, spam, sudden loss of many backlinks) or as a result of working and forever keen competition?
I'll try to give appropriate answers:

  • Is the site indexed? (site: url.com)

NOT or just exist only home page.
Site most likely banned! Clear all relationships that may be identified as spam. Write a request to the team of Google to eliminate the penalty (Re-Inclusion request)

  • Site rank you still with your domain

Most likely are suffering and have because attempts to limit handling connections or On-Site spam (Cloaking, KW Stuffing, etc.).. First remove all potentially dangerous relationships, end all campaigns to paid purchase links and correct any problems, check your pages in Google Webmaster tools (On-page Issues). Then confirm (Verify) and complete the form Elimination of the penalty (Re-Inclusion Request), promising to comply with the rules hereinafter :").

  • When looking several connected words or phrases contained in the title of each page you site ranked in top 50?

Most likely many of you have connections expired or missing, and may be identified as spam by the team of Google. Spokoino this happens with many sites. Go to Webmasters Central, Verify (verify) and complete the form to eliminate the penalty (Re-Inclusion Request). Check how much you regret it:) not forget to specify the relationships which are defined as poor. Then add some good and quality links that will help to a high rate position again.

  • Hardly have any penalty or restriction, most likely you have lost items due to strong competition SEO or changes in the algorithm of Google. It is possible that the decline is temporary, so wait a few days and if no change buy more quality links.

Source: Seomoz, WDF Studio SEO

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