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SEO Optimization

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What is SEO ?

SEO comes from the abbreviation (search engine optimization) that means optimization for search engines. The search engines have special programs that constantly crawl the web pages called "bots" or "spiders". In this way the search engines learn what information is on your site. In depending on various criteria, sites come in different rank positions of google, bing, yahoo and other search engines. So some sites are very popular and visited, while others are less known and less visited. The position can be improved by optimizing the site for better rank even including the 1st page (top 10 results).

How does SEO reflect of your website?

When a site is well optimized, it will inevitably climb in the rankings of search engines and will become more popular, the visits are increasing and more people learn for you, your business, services, products, etc. Internet can be seen as a huge business center with a limitless number of clients and resources. That is why one well visited web site - is the best way to promote your business.
optimizing web sites

How much does it cost to do SEO of your site ?

Optimization goes in several stages:
  • Analysis and selection of keywords and phrases
  • Check and remove errors in the structure and programming code on the site
  • Optimizing program code on the site
  • Main optimization of the tags
  • Advanced optimization of the tags
  • Inclusion of additional keywords and phrases with different rates through a specialized software
  • Adding of content
  • Adding external and internal links
  • Registering the site in search engines, portals, directories

  • Base optimization        - price from 150 BGN to ...... (depends on site) (includes options: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9)

  • Extensive optimization - price from 350 BGN to ...... (depends on site) (includes all options)

How long takes to optimize web site ?

Optimization time depends on the type of optimization and the size of the site (number of pages, content, links, ranking in search engines, etc.). Broadly speaking, the base optimization on site with 7 internal pages takes on average 2 working days. For more internal pages, right-dependence is proportional. Extensive optimization on site with 7 internal pages takes on average 4 working days. Periods are averaged. You know that each site is individual product so values may differ. SEО period optimization also depends on the level of competing sites and their positions.

How soon can see the effect of SEO ?

Effect of SEO optimization manifests differently in each site. Some sites are climbing in the rankings for 10-15 days, for other sites it takes 1 month and in some very web-competitive sectors it takes months. The most important conditions for the duration of a site to rank well are:
  • "age" of domain - more older is better
  • content of the site - more and unique is better
  • SEO level of competing sites - if it is higher, effect on your site is slower
  • external links to the site - more is better
  • count of competing sites - if it is higher, effect on your site is slower
If anyone still thinks that SEO can be done for 1-2 days and after that the site is first at Google, to think again. On the Internet daily appear more and more sites. If you want to be to the top of search engine's rankings - SEO is the way. This is the most important and long-term investment for a web site. As you realized that sooner as it is better for you.

How long remains the good position of optimized site ?

SEO or internet advertising ?

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